Special Issues (Eds.)

Guest editors: Engelbrecht, A.; Li, X.; Middendorf, M.; Gambardella, L. M.
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Special Issue: Swarm Intelligence
Guest Editorial: 13(4): 677-680, 2009

Guest Editors: J. Jost, D. Helbing, A. Lorincz, M. Middendorf
Theory in Biosciences, Special Issue “European Conference on Complex Systems 2007”
Guest Editorial: 127(2): 67-68, 2008.
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Guest Editors: Jens Gottlieb, Emma Hart, Martin Middendorf, Günther Raidl, Colin Reeves
Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms: Special Issue on Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization
Guest Editorial 3(4): 311-312, 2004.
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Guest Editors: M. Dorigo, L.M. Gambardella, M. Middendorf, and T. Stützle
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation: Special Issue on “Ant Algorithms and Swarm Intelligence”
Guest Editorial 6(4): 317-320, 2002.