CoRe-PA Overview

CoRe-PA is a tool for reconstructing the coevolutionary history of host parasite systems. As Tarzan it uses an event-based method to find cost minimal reconstructions. These events are cospeciation, sorting, duplication and (host)switching.

With CoRe-PA you can:

  • design host parasite scenarios with a graphical editor
  • generate random coevolutionary scenarios using the beta-split model with beta 0, -1 or -1.5
  • generate random coevolutionary scenarios by simulating coevolution
  • generate random coevolutionary scenarios which “keep the character” of given host parasite systems
  • handle non-binary host and parasite phylogenies
  • choose between different behaviors of how to handle switches
  • use divergence timing information
  • compute the best reconstructions for a given set of costs
  • compute the best cost vector for a given host parasite system (where the cost vector fits best to the reconstructed event frequencies)
  • do randomization tests for given host parasite systems to analyze the probability of coevolution
  • export host parasite scenarios and their reconstructions to svg