CoRe-PA 0.5.2 Downloads

CoRe-PA for Linux 32bit
CoRe-PA for Linux 64bit
CoRe-PA for Windows 32bit
CoRe-PA for Windows 64bit
CoRe-PA for MacOS 32bit
CoRe-PA for MacOS 64bit
Sample data

Simple command line version which can be executed by "java -jar core-pa_cli_0.5.2.jar -i inputfile -o outputfile -a".

Command line version for randomization tests which can be executed by "java -jar core-pa_rnd_0.5.2.jar -i inputfile -o outputfile".A tutorial for CoRe-PA can be found here.

CoRe-PA is an Eclipse RCP application. You donít need to install the software. Just unzip the archive to a local folder and run the core-pa executable. Java 1.5 or later has to be installed on your system.

Please note that this is an beta release and there may exist several bugs in the software. So feel free to send bug reports or any other kind of impressions or suggestions on CoRe-PA to