Swarm Intelligence, Multiagent Systems

Main focus: Naturinspired Self-organising Systems for Technical Applications; Control and Organisation of Self-organising Systems; Strategies for the Organisation of Robot Swarms; Simulation and Modelling of Biological Swarms (mainly Social Insects); Nature Inspired Decision Methods

Optimisation Algorithms, Metaheuristics

Main focus: Metaheuristics, e.g., Ant Colony Optimization and Particle Swarm Optimization; Combination of "classical" and , Swarm Intelligence, Hybrids of ''Classical'' and ''Nature Inspired" '' Heuristics; Algorithms for Scheduling, Transportation and Planing Problems; Complexity of Optimization Algorithms and Problems


Main focus: Phylogeny; Co-Phylogeny; Gene Rearrangement Problems; Evolution of Mitochondrial Genomes, Annotation of Mitochondrial Genomes

ESF Junior Researcher Group

Swarm Inspired Methods for Optimization, Self-organisation, and Ressource Efficiency